Welcome to the 2018 Tax Season


For an estimate of my fees please contact me with an idea of your tax documents you have (see Pricing for an idea of your fees, however, final fees can only be assessed after the tax return is complete). Generally, my fee for a federal return is $175 which includes a FREE Employee Business Expense Form (IRS Form 2106) and an Annual Per Diem Calculation Report.  An additional $65 is for a state return; if you require one, depending on the state you live in.  This includes itemizing, electronic filing and electronic direct deposit to your bank for federal and state refunds, if you have any. State tax returns that have Additions and/or Subtractions (due to differences in the federal tax return) start at $150.  Such could be the case for state tax returns that don’t conform to the new federal tax laws.  For example, CA & NY state tax returns do not conform to the new federal tax laws (CA & NY tax is similar to 2017 and earlier state tax returns).  If your state tax return does not conform to the new federal tax laws, then your State tax return will require Additions and/or Subtractions; having a fee starting at $150 for each state tax return.

Please view the following pages in this general order.

UNITED PILOTS: Send me your Per Diem Report from Crew Companion located in Flying Together/My Info/ Per Diem tile

UNITED FLIGHT ATTENDANTS:  Send me your Per Diem Report if you have one or send me EACH MONTH of your CREW PAY REGISTER FOR THE YEAR IN PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION.  To get your Crew Pay Registers for Each Month go to Flying Together, My Info, Then Select the Crew Pay Register Tile.  Select EACH MONTH of the year and then select Printer Friendly Version. PRINT EACH MONTH of the year from the Printer Friendly Version view, so I can compute your FREE Annual Per Diem Calculation Report.

UNITED CREWS: SEND ME in the Payroll Advice Tile in Flying Together/My Info : Last Payroll Advice for the year.  

Please contact if you have questions!

PLEASE SEND ME LAST YEAR'S TAX RETURN and ANY of your tax related documents or tax related information.

Tax Advice is also included for your future tax situations for FREE with your Tax Return (a $250 - $1000 value)

Thank You and please contact me anyway you like if you have any questions or concerns.  My service is to help you to pay the least amount of taxes possible by providing you peace of mind with expertise and experience to manage your tax burden; otherwise, you could just use a tax software program like Turbo Tax. 

For those that have used or are considering using a software tax program like Turbo Tax; well, consider this, maybe it doesn’t take a genius to prepare taxes. But it does take an expert.  Regardless of how popular they’ve become, boxed software programs simply cannot measure up to the importance of having a respected, well-versed and trusted tax preparer.  Turning to a tax preparer is the smartest thing a taxpayer can do to ensure accuracy, security and peace of mind.