Fraud Protection


 I recommend going through

Annual Credit Report allows you to check all 3 credit agencies of your credit report within a year and report directly to them for any anomalies.  I recommend checking 2 now and see if there are any problems and use the last agency in 6 months.  You can call the credit card companies to put a fraud protector on your account if you want.  This will limit or eliminate any credit forms in the mail and require a special code by you to apply for a new credit card.  Fraudulent credit card expenses are always covered by the credit card companies.  Your bank may have a similar system in place for debit cards...but it is harder to protect your money from fraudulent debit card use because your money is immediately and directly taken from your bank account. (BE CAREFUL!).  

I also recommend signing up right now for  It's free and you can get credit alerts and check your credit every 2 weeks.  Free.

Unfortunately for all of us, the banks and credit card companies will probably increase their fees just to pay for all the fraud committed by thieves.