Ways to Submit Tax Documents

There is three simple ways you can submit your tax documents.  You can download the forms and mail them with your 2018 tax documents. Scan your documents and email them. or complete the online forms and email your 2018 tax documents. Please send a copy of last years tax return with your tax documents. I will mail you back your documents or I can shred your document copies after your tax return is E-filed to the IRS.



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Please download and complete these forms and send them with your tax documents.






Please download and complete these forms. Scan and upload your tax documents to your computer and email them.  



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Please complete these forms. Scan and upload your tax documents to your computer and email them.  

Documents You May Have That You Need To Submit

  • Names of all persons on tax return as spelled on their S.S. Cards w/ Social Security #

  • Name of dependents as spelled on their S.S. Card w/ S.S. # and Birthday & if a Student (full time or part-time student)

  • Your planned filing status if you know it (Single / Head of Household / Married Filing Separate (MFS) / Married Filing Joint (MFJ)

  • W-2 (s)

  • Annual Per Diem Report – FREE - No Charge to Compute Your Per Diem Deduction with a full return

  • United (Pilots and Some Flight Attendants): Provide a Complete Copy of your Per Diem Report in Flying Together/My Info/Per Diem Report Tile.

Per Diem Data (No Per Diem Report) – Go to Flying Together/My info/Crew Pay Register/Each Monthly Pay Period/Printer Friendly Version/then Print (Each Month)

[If you take a picture of each monthly pay period please make sure it is Readable.  There is a lot of small detailed very important information on these pages].  

Last Payroll Advice for the Year
This is found in Flying Together/My Info/Payroll Advice Tile/Select Last Payroll Advice for the Year/Print

Copy of Last Year’s Tax Return

Additional Tax Documents You May Have

  • 1099-INT (Interest)

  • 1099-DIV (Dividends)

  • 1099-MISC (Self Employment/Rental Income/Royalties)

  • 1099-G (State Tax Refund)

  • 1099-R (Retirement)

  • Stock Transaction from Brokerage Statement

  • 1098 – Mortgage Interest / P.M.I. / Origination Fees on Closing Documents (please send a copy of your closing document financial breakdown list if you purchased a new Home)

  • Purchase a Home or Rental - please send a copy of your closing document statement

  • Sale of a Home or Rental - please send a copy of your closing document statement

  • Rental Earnings & Expenses (Sch. E)

  • Employee Business Expense (Expenses not paid by your Company i.e. Uniform expenses, Airport Parking)

  • Business Schedule (Sch. C)

  • Donations - Cash donations & Non-Cash Donations

  • 1098-T – Tuition Expenses

  • 1098-E – Student Loan Interest

  • Moving Expenses (Must be for a Change of Job and the move must be more than 50 miles from your previous location)

  • Alimony Amount ($) - Paid To (Name & S.S. #) / Received From (Name & S.S #)

  • Gambling Winning (W-2G) – (T-o offset any losses you must have written documentation of the gambling loss)

You can AMEND your tax returns BACK THREE YEARS, if you feel you need these corrected (please contact me directly to talk about this).

Note: Please do not be confused, if you see anywhere the name of FMS or FMS Inc., or Financial Management Systems Inc., or the address 10727 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230.  This is the main corporate office and IS affiliated with FMS Tax Services and your tax professional: Jeremy Blumin.