All though the year is officially in the history books and the next year is now upon us, tax season is also here.  The government still wants us to look upon the last year for one last time (whether we want to or not) so that it can make sure it has taken a portion of the hard work that you have sown. I will manage your tax burden to the best of my professional ability with a personal touch. Your tax return also includes tax advice which most tax preparers don’t offer or charge extra for.

Tax season in the U.S.A. starts official on January 15th (assuming the government is operating).  However, no company is required to produce any type of tax documents to its employees until January 31st, and brokerage firms are not required to produce their tax related stock reports to their clients until Feb. 15th.  So, if tax season official ends on April 15th (assuming it is not a weekend) and tax season is supposedly 4 months long -- How can that be?   Taxpayers won’t official have all of their tax documents until at least Feb 15th making tax season for all taxpayers officially only 3 months long.  This, only the government knows the answer to….or do they?

My service is to help you to pay the least amount of tax possible with expertise, experience and your peace of mind to manage your tax burden. Otherwise you could just use a tax software program like Turbo Tax.

For those that have used or are considering using a software tax program like Turbo Tax; well, consider this, maybe it doesn’t take a genius to prepare taxes,  but it does take an expert.  Regardless of how popular they’ve become, boxed software programs simply cannot measure up to the importance of having a respected, well-versed and trusted tax preparer.  Turning to a tax preparer is the smartest thing a taxpayer can do to ensure accuracy, security and peace of mind.

Tax Advice is also included for your future tax situations for FREE with your Tax Return (a $250 - $1000 value)

Thank You and please contact me anyway you like if you have any questions or concerns.