Do You Need tax preparation this Tax Season?


FMS Tax Services specializes in Airline, Military, Small Business, Large Business, Partnerships, Corporate Taxes, LLCs, Non-Profits, Trusts/Fiduciaries, Estate Taxes, Foreign Taxes (Expats) & Gift Taxes.

  • This Family Run Tax Service has 70+ combined years of Tax Experience.

  • An Annual Per Diem Calculation Report is Included with Every Tax Return.

  • Tax Advice Included with Every Tax Return for an Entire Year.

  • Accounting & Book Keeping Is Available

  • Your Tax Burden Managed with a Personal & Professional Touch.


Expertise Outweighs Software


Maybe it doesn’t take a genius to prepare taxes.  But it does take an expert.

Regardless of how popular they’ve become, boxed software programs simply cannot measure up to the importance of having a respected, well-versed and trusted tax preparer.  As you know, turning to a tax preparer is the smartest thing a taxpayer can do to ensure accuracy, security and peace of mind.

FMS Tax Services is here for you, we are experts in the field of tax, and invite you to become one of our personal clients using the best tax professionals you can.


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